Handmade with pure organic New Zealand wool.
6-Pack X-Large with cotton storage bag.

• Excellent natural fabric softener, no chemicals added
• Use to scent your laundry with pure essential oils
• Reusable for years
• Speeds drying time, lowers energy bills
• Environmentally friendly
• Hypoallergenic
• Ideal for baby clothes to protect delicate skin

INSTRUCTIONS: Place dry balls into dryer with wet laundry (4 balls for medium load, 6 balls for large load). When not in use store dryer balls in a dry place, use cotton bag (do not use plastic bag).

AO TIP: For a fresh and aromatic scent of dried laundry place 4 to 10 True Drops™ of Annie Oakley’s pure essential oil on a dryer ball before the start of the drying process.

Annie Oakley Wool Dryer Balls